You’ve noticed you are burned out from your high stress job and taking care of everyone else. You’ve tried taking some time away, clearing your mind to de-stress, but it hasn’t worked out as well as you’d hoped. You’re looking for ways to feel energized again but the hectic pace of your life, and the intense needs of those you take care of, are holding you back. When you schedule time with Jeanene, you will start to see that finding ways to take care of yourself is possible. 

Often, professionals and caregivers forget that caring for themselves it vital to being able to continue caring for others. If you’ve been on a commercial airline flight, you probably remember these instructions. ‘In the event the the air masks are released, if you are caring for a child or someone traveling with you, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you help others.’ Think about this for a moment; if you are oxygen deprived and lose consciousness, how are you going to help anyone else? It is easy to forget that self-care and balance is our daily oxygen mask. Professionals in high stakes jobs often treat others much better than they treat themselves. Jeanene will help you find this much needed perspective, and discover together the skills and activities you can implement in your life to meet your own important, but overlooked, needs.

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