Welcome to a space where healing begins, where we embrace the power of Brainspotting (BSP) to unlock profound emotional and psychological transformation. As a seasoned therapist, I understand that the journey to wellness is deeply personal, and I’m here to guide you through every step with compassion and professionalism.

Have you ever felt like your anxiety is a constant companion, whispering doubts and fears into your ear? How many times have you wished for a moment of peace, free from the tight grip of panic and worry? Do you find yourself lying awake at night, besieged by thoughts you can’t seem to escape? Brainspotting offers a unique approach to directly engaging with these feelings, helping you find the calm you’ve been seeking. Imagine accessing a place within you that’s been untouched by anxiety, allowing you to experience life with a newfound sense of serenity.

Have you ever looked back on your life’s challenges through the lens of a late ADHD diagnosis, feeling a mix of relief and frustration? Do you question how different things might have been with earlier recognition and support? How many times have you felt misunderstood or judged for traits that are now explained by ADHD? Brainspotting offers a space to explore these feelings, facilitating a journey of self-acceptance and understanding. It’s about redefining your relationship with ADHD, focusing on empowerment and personal growth.

Have you carried the weight of past experiences so heavy that it colors your every day? Do you find certain memories triggering a flood of emotions you thought you had under control? How many times have you wished to move forward, only to feel held back by unseen forces? Brainspotting provides a gentle path through the pain, offering a way to process and release these deep-seated emotions without having to relive the trauma. It’s about finding peace and closure, allowing you to step into a future unburdened by the past.

Brainspotting helps with these issues and more!


How Does Brainspotting Work?

Brainspotting works through the identification of specific eye positions that correlate with emotional and bodily pain. It’s based on the premise that where you look affects how you feel. Through these eye positions, BSP accesses unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain and helps to release it, often leading to significant relief and resolution of issues.


Who Is Brainspotting For?

Brainspotting is for anyone ready to move past the pain and challenges that have been holding them back. It’s particularly effective for:

– Individuals facing the challenges of traumatic experiences

– Individuals diagnosed later in life with ADHD or Autism

– Those struggling with anxiety and/or depression

– Anyone experiencing chronic pain or fatigue

– People looking to enhance focus, performance, and creativity



Q: What can I expect in a Brainspotting session?

A: Each session is tailored to your unique needs. You’ll be guided to focus on specific points, often with the aid of biolateral sound, to help process and release emotional or physical pain. The experience is gentle, yet profound, often leading to significant breakthroughs.


Q: Is Brainspotting suitable for everyone?

A: Brainspotting is adaptable and can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals. However, the best way to determine if it’s right for you is through a consultation with Jeanene..


Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: The number of sessions varies depending on the individual and the issues being addressed. Some clients experience significant improvements in just a few sessions, while others may benefit from a longer process.


Experience Healing and Transformation


If you’re seeking a path to healing that goes beyond traditional talk therapy, Brainspotting may offer the profound change you’re looking for. It is my honor to support you through every step of your healing journey. Reach out today to learn more about how Brainspotting can help you reclaim your life.


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