Perhaps you’ve noticed how much harder life seems for you than the other women you know. You’ve tried to get organized and stay on top of things but those “squirrel” moments keep you from having it together for more than a few days or a few weeks. You’re looking for ways to feel confident in life but your scattered brain is holding you back. When you schedule a session with Jeanene, you will start to see that living successfully with ADHD and/or LD is possible and maybe even enjoyable.

Are you are living with a spouse with ADHD and/or LD or parenting a child with ADD/ADHD and /or LD? Jeanene has successfully helped spouses and parents learn to navigate the complex brain functioning that defines how this person you love, but also drives you crazy, functions in the world. She helps with understanding how differences in communication style and the impact of poor focus impacts their relationships and their lives. Jeanene will help you develop skills to improve your relationship and bring calm back into your lives.

Jeanene also has extensive experience working with people who are twice-exceptional. Also known as 2E, this refers to a person who is gifted along with having ADHD and/or LD. This is a population of people who are often misunderstood, and viewed as lazy for not living up to their full potential due to their giftedness camouflaging their disability. Poor self-esteem is often the result for these individuals. I can help you understand the nuances of this type of brain, and how to avoid the pitfalls of punishing poor performance instead of getting to the root of the problem, and providing or advocating for much needed support and accommodations.

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